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Internationales Zine / Englisch / Mit Poster

Heavy Metal fanzine, created by queers, women and trans*persons who are suckers for Heavy Metal and the broad variety of its genres. Hand-stamped and -numbered, limited to 200 pieces, including a poster. Featuring Winds of Genocide, Maggot Heart, Kill the King, Darkness Unseen, a Heavy Metal playlist featuring women and queer Metal musicians and much more.

Using the fanzine as a metaphorical meeting space, Sycamore Network is also laying the foundation for a global network of queer-feminist metalheads to connect with and support each other, share experiences, realize different projects, spread the word and make the Heavy Metal scene a more aware and inclusive space.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SycamoreHeavyMetalNetwork/
Instagram: @sycamorenetwork